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Nicholas O'Hare is a professional writer who had a dual career in the Irish horse industry for over forty years. As a breeder, stallion owner and proprietor of a riding stables and dealing yard he amassed a great knowledge of horses and the sport horse industry and applied this knowledge to a talent for writing. He has contributed to publications all over the world on equine topics and has published a weekly column in the Irish Field, Ireland's equestrian newspaper since 1976. read more.

Great Irish Mares

This book is intended to focus attention on the Irish mare and the importance of good dam line breeding in the production of the showjumper... read more.

The Hammering of the Horse Industry

Many millions have been spent by the Irish state and the European Union on equestrian development work in Ireland, but today, our industry.... read more.

Warmbloods in Ireland

The arrival of the Continental stallion in Ireland has caused consternation. Some see the development as the salvation... read more.

Champions - Heroes on Horseback

This is a book about people who have made their mark on Irish Equestrianism in the course of the fifty years...read more.

Great Connemara Stallions

This is the story of the champions of the Conenmara pony breed, the select band of great sires which have emerged over eighty years... read more.

Handbook for Horse Breeders

This is a book based on a lifetime with horses. It is written from experience and is the first and only... read more.

Clover Hill - His Life and Legacy

Clover Hill was one of the two great performance stallions of modern times. He was a registered Irish Draught,... read more.

Coloured Horses in Ireland

The coloured horse has really come into its own in Ireland over the past decade. At one time derided... read more.